Thinking About Birds

This project is on hold, while I focus on some other ones.

This small National Park near Wallabi Point, south of Old Bar, is fronted by a popular surfing beach and the Park itself has significant indigenous importance. In association with that it is sometimes used as a campsite (e.g. summer holidays, Easter). Most other times, it is a quiet and wonderful place for birdwatchers to visit. It offers coastal, estuarine, rainforest and open forest habitats all within a relatively small area.

I started visiting in mid 2008. Initially my visits were intermittent but now I visit there most months. Saltwater NP is a fantastic place!

My bird list for Saltwater NP, based on more than 80 visits now, is 130 species (although many of those are "drop-ins" and not often recorded).  Click here for my Saltwater NP bird list    


Stuart, A. (2015). Bird Surveys in Saltwater National Park. The Whistler 9: 56-60.   


Grey Fantail 

Latest news

In my June 2017 visit things were quiet but I did record all three species of scrub-wren plus GreenCatbird and Regent Bowerbird. 

Some recent news

In my February 2017 visit I recorded a Common Sandpiper for the first time. In our part of the world, it is a very uncommon species away from the Hunter estuary (and they're not common there either!)