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Website last updated: 16 July 2024

I’m Alan Stuart. I lived in Newcastle (Australia) from 1983 until 2022. I’m very interested in Australian native birds – especially the ones in that part of the world (the Hunter Region of New South Wales). I moved to the NSW Central Coast in mid-2022 but I'm continuing with all my bird projects in the Hunter Region.

I spend a fair bit of time out in the field, either studying Australian native birds systematically or just enjoying looking at them for leisure/pleasure (my Australian IOC list is >750 species). When I’m not in the field, I do a lot of thinking about birds – sometimes seriously, and sometimes for fun!

Welcome to my website. Feel free to browse anywhere – the serious stuff and the fun stuff (actually, for me it’s all fun stuff!)


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If you find my website interesting or would like to make some suggestions, drop me a line. I always love to hear from people who share my interests.

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What's New?

New paper - Peregrine Falcon crepuscular hunting - posted 14 June

Two new Cross-bird crosswords - posted 9 March

Two new papers - Gould's Petrel nest boxes, Aust. White Ibis prey item - posted 30 October

Also, there are regular updates to my blog and to my research projects status